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[00:02.69]Useful Expressions
[00:04.47]1.May I help you sir?
[00:07.78]2.I'm looking for a suit.
[00:12.20]3.What size suit do you wear?
[00:16.98]4.Try on this coat.
[00:20.66]5.Why don't you try on this coat?
[00:25.55]6.Take off your coat.
[00:28.89]7.Put on your coat.
[00:32.13]8.Does this coat fit?
[00:35.60]9.The price is the same.
[00:39.50]10.The material is the same.
[00:43.94]11.The color is the same.
[00:47.88]12.Let's take a look at that suit.
[00:52.61]13.I want to see about the price.
[00:57.84]14.Is there a charge for that?
[01:02.09]15.Is there anything else you need?
[01:06.82]16.How much is that in all?
[01:11.52]17.I'll pick up the suit on Friday.
[01:16.96]18.The doctor will see you now.
[01:21.68]19.What size shoe do you wear?
[01:26.60]20.What size suit do you wear?
[01:31.12]21.Put on your coat.It's cold outside.
[01:36.84]22.Are these coats all the same price?
[01:43.11]23.This suit doean't fit.It isn't the right size.
[01:50.21]24.This coat isn't the right length.
[01:55.51]25.Is this cash or charge?
[02:00.32]26.I don't have very much cash now.
[02:05.75]27.Some stores take cash only.
[02:11.27]28.I like to pay for things by check.
[02:16.80]29.How long will it take to fix the car?
[02:22.65]30.I have to measure the room.
[02:27.25]31.These trousers are too long.Do you have another pair?
[02:34.85]32.I'm looking for a tie.
[02:39.09]33.The sleeves of this coat are too long.
[02:45.04]34.Are you comfortable in that chair?
[02:50.14]35.Are you looking for a particular book?
[02:55.70]36.Where are the trousers that go with this suit?
[03:01.58]37.What kind of shirt do you want?
[03:06.10]38.What kind of suit are you looking for?
[03:11.48]39.The material in the two suits are the same.
[03:18.43]40.Don't put on your hat in the house.
[03:23.49]41.Don't take your coat off,because it's cold.
[03:29.53]42.Take off your old coat and try on this one.
[03:36.24]43.The prices of new cars are very high.
[03:42.54]44.I'll have to pick up my friend at 8:00.
[03:48.73]Practical Conversation
[03:50.61]Q:May I help you,sir?
[03:52.36]A:Yes,I'm looking for a suit size forty.
[03:55.83]Q:Yes,sir.I'll be glad to show you some.Any particular color?
[03:59.65]A:I'd like something in gray or blue.
[04:02.31]Q:Do you want a darker gray?Is this the color you want?
[04:05.89]A:Yes,that looks more like it.
[04:08.48]Q:Take off your coat and try on this one on.
[04:11.35]A:The sleeves are not long enough.
[04:13.36]Q:Try this one,then.The style is different and it may fit better.
[04:18.01]A:Yes,this one feels comfortable.The sleeves are O.K. too.
[04:22.45]Q:Is that as good as this one?
[04:24.59]A:That's as good as this one.
[04:26.79]Q:Will the price be the same?
[04:28.93]A:The price will be the same.
[04:31.05]Q:Do you always go to this store?
[04:33.50]A:I always go to this store.
[04:35.91]Q:Did the students usually go to town on Saturday?
[04:39.30]A:The students usually went to town on Saturday.
[04:42.54]Q:How much is this suit?
[04:44.68]A:This suit is $40 with tax.
[04:47.56]Q:Is this girl as pretty as her sister?
[04:50.27]A:No,this girl is not as pretty as her sister.
[04:54.71]Q:Do you want to see about a suit?
[04:57.14]A:Yes,I want to see about a suit.
[05:00.33]Q:Is there a charge for fixing the trousers?
[05:03.02]A:No,there is no charge for fixing the trousers.
[05:06.91]Q:How many shirts did your friend buy?
[05:09.45]A:My friend bought three shirts.
[05:11.56]Q:How much coffee do you drink every day?
[05:14.33]A:I drink a lot of coffee every day.
[05:17.15]Q:How many times did you read your lesson?
[05:19.69]A:I read my lession six times.
[05:21.99]Q:When will you pick up your suit?
[05:24.13]A:I'll pick up my suit tomorrow.
[05:26.61]Q:When will we pick you up?
[05:28.36]A:You'll pick me up every day.
[05:30.87]Q:Do you usually take the bus to town.
[05:33.48]A:Yes,I usually take the bus to town.
[05:36.95]Q:Do you every fly to New York?
[05:39.46]A:No,I never fly to New York.
[05:42.94]Q:Do you want anything else?
[05:44.97]A:Yes,I want something else.
[05:47.43]Q:Do you already know English?
[05:49.70]A:No,I don't know English yet.
[05:53.07]Q:Is the train crowded yet?
[05:55.37]A:No,the train is not crowded yet.
[05:58.35]Q:Do you still like bacon and eggs?
[06:00.49]A:Yes,I still like bacon and eggs.
[06:03.96]Q:Is he already eating lunch?
[06:06.18]A:No,he is not eating lunch yet.
[06:09.06]Q:Does Paul usually work at night?
[06:11.49]A:Yes,Paul usually works at night.
[06:15.09]Q:Where should we go?
[06:16.50]A:Let's go some place where we can talk.
[06:19.22]Q:What about the National Club?
[06:21.60]A:The National Club is nice.But the Metropolitan is quieter and not as crowded.It is also more interesting and has better food.
[06:29.88]Q:Is that an interesting book?
[06:32.18]A:Yes,but the book I read last week was more interesting.
[06:35.78]Q:Does she have any friends here?
[06:37.90]A:She has some friends here.
[06:39.70]Q:Are there any books in the room?
[06:41.74]A:There are some books in the room.
[06:43.77]Q:Did she watch any TV shows last night?
[06:46.47]A:Yes,she watch some TV shows last night.
[06:49.89]Q:Are there any large cities in the state?
[06:52.50]A:There are some large cities in the state.
[06:55.06]Q:Did you take any sandwiches with you?
[06:57.36]A:Yes,I took some sandwiches with me.

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